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The Batman, T-Mobile Home Internet, Microsoft Surface Laptops and more!

In this episode: I talk about The Batman (2022), T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, and my Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, along with some other shows and more!

GTA on Switch, Dexter New Blood, Discovery Plus and more!

In this episode: I talk about some brief things to check out including: GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch, Dexter New Blood on Showtime, the subs...

Nintendo Switch, website building sites and more

In this episode: I talk about my favorite gaming system (currently) which is the Nintendo Switch. I also discuss website building sites (Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, ...

Music Services, Justice League and More

In this episode: I talk about music subscription services, Justice League (Snyder Cut) and More!

Disney Plus and HBO Max

In this episode: I talk about two great subscription TV/Movie services: Disney Plus and HBO Max!

NA Beer and Coffee

I talk about Non-Alcoholic beer (because I just recently was diagnosed with diabetes) and I talk about coffee. You also get a bit of info on how to deal with spam mar...

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